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Sun Aug 10 15:46:57 MDT 2003


At the risk of appearing sectarian and risking the oh so pointed, astute,
incisive, and cogent wrath of Jose G. Perez, I have to say you miss the

The point being to.....LEAD. To establish the transition from where that
great abstraction "the American people" is, to a concrete of where the
working class has to be.

BTTHN was not the transition in the past, and will not make the transition

I don't wish to quarrel with THEM, that great abstractionof the "American
people," the "majority." MY argument is with a self-proclaimed Marxist
leadership that argues for and from another great abstraction "the least
common denominator," to put forward slogans that separate the process of
protest from the necessity of a class based program.

I understand that to many anything that says class-based,  from a critique
of BTTHN to identifying the Lula regime as a popular front is "sectarian."
But I expect nothing less from those who thing our most important task to
acccommodate the great abstractions presented to us and canonize that as the
only path forward.

I don't believe comrade Harris (and I know I haven't) argued for "shooting

Although I do absolutely feel it is a disgrace that the left as a total
formation has not taken up the defense of Hasan Akbar-  with the SF
Frontlines group being the only exception I am aware of.

So tell me again, anyone, Jose, David, Stan, why we don't demand freedom for
Hasan Akbar, especially when he is an African American Muslim enlisted man,
especially when 2 eyewitnesses say Akbar isn't the guy?  Tell you what, put
"Free Hasan Akbar" on the same banner in every same speech with BTTHN and
I'll silence my  reservations.

Hugs to all

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