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My first--and last contribution on this.

I think "Bring the Troops Home Now" is not *specifically*
objectionable, but it does have an undertone of national chauvenism
that I personally have a problem with.

The other night I was making a midnight run to the grocery store (don't
ask) when I noticed yellow ribbons have started popping up again. What
sentiment do those express, if not "bring the troops home?" These are
from pro-war folks, too, make no mistake about it.

I think BTTHN shifts the focus; it focuses on the troops, these guys
who are out there killing for imperialism. Yes, I know they're
working-class kids looking for a way to pay for college, but in the
end, it ain't Dubya over there pulling the trigger. To me, focusing on
the troops--rather than the *actions* of the troops--as a focus of the
anti-war movement is like focusing on Israeli deaths as a reason to end
the occupation of Palestine. It might be legitimate on its face (who
wants kids to die in a bus explosion), but the undertone is basing your
campaign on what's good for the oppressor rather than standing by the
oppressed, as if the end of Iraqi/Palestinian deaths is merely a side

But of course, you can bend the stick too far in the other direction
too. "Victory to Iraq" would simply isolate us within the movement.

So to me, "out now" is where we should be focusing. Plain, simple, to
the point, without worrying about the sensibilities of the occupiers.

That's just my opinion. (Please direct all accusations of sectarianism,
condescending sneers, and insults to the appropriate finger.)


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