Leadership & Movement-Building Re: the world working class

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Sun Aug 10 14:15:00 MDT 2003

At 2:46 PM -0700 8/10/03, dms wrote:
>The point being to.....LEAD. To establish the transition from where
>that great abstraction "the American people" is, to a concrete of
>where the working class has to be.
>BTTHN was not the transition in the past, and will not make the
>transition now.
>I don't wish to quarrel with THEM, that great abstractionof the
>"American people," the "majority." MY argument is with a
>self-proclaimed Marxist leadership that argues for and from another
>great abstraction "the least common denominator," to put forward
>slogans that separate the process of protest from the necessity of a
>class based program.

If you were involved in any actually existing activist organization
that is not solely composed of Marxists, you would know that "Bring
the Troops Home Now -- End the Occupation!" is _hardly_ the "least
common denominator," much less automatically so.  It takes a great
deal of work to get US activists to focus on the demand for immediate
withdrawal, rather than become distracted by a call for UN
peacekeepers, support for Howard Dean, etc.

As for leadership, without a movement, anyone's pretension to
leadership means nothing.  If you don't think that the campaign to
"Bring the Troops Home Now -- End the Occupation" is a way to go, you
might get a group of people together under a slogan that you think is
more effective and see whether anyone will follow you and your group
will become a nucleus of a social movement.  After all,
movement-building is a practical question -- if no one joins you,
that will be the end of the story.

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