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DR>>>I don't think his activities are going to do anything 
DR>>> about the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.
LW>    Aha. I guess that's why a spokesperson for the military was
LW> reported to say this: <<
> Don't forget , that's a woman in uniform you are talking about there. Reach her, teach her!

   Do you have an issue with that person being female? 

> However, I think the real struggles that they are afraid of 
> here are the actions of Iraqis and Afghanis. 

  Where ever "here" might be... 

  As to the US imperialists, sure they know what to fear. 

  But they also know very well, that war is just the continuation of
policics with other means, and that a war has to be fought and
directed primarily as a POLITICAL campaign. 

  And since in a war there are two parties fighting each other, the
weakness of the one is the strength of the other. 

  For example -- the political regime of the Iraqi nation in the past
two decades or so had been very weak, and it crumbled at the US
assault like a giant on feet of clay. 

  On the other hand, the success of the recolonization attempt
depends largely -- among many other factors -- on the reliability of
the occupying forces as a factor of repression. 

   One might say that the Vietnamese people defeated the mightiest
imperial force human history has ever known, based on their (the
Vietnamese) military superiority; but a very important part of their
military superiority was due to the fact that the US military forces
ceased to be a viable fighting force to oppress the Vietnamese

   And that the USA could not use all the military might it had at
its disposal. 

   What kept the US imperialists from destroying all the water dams
in northern Vietnam or placing some atomic bombs on Hanoi and some
other Vietnamese population centers? Was it the fear that the
Vietnamese would attack Washington in retaliation? Did the US
imperialists not know that the support from Moscow and Bejing did
hardly go beyond lip service? 

   No, political considerations are and were the prime reason for
Nagasaki being the last city where US generals could "nuke the
chinks", at least for the time being. Sure, also the fact that a
radioactive devastation of a country makes it not safe for
exploitation afterwards, since the colonial administrators and
colonial police would also be affected by the radiation (well, it
does not keep them from using radioactive munition in their new
colonial adventures in Iraq e.g.). 

   So, coming back to the "real struggles" -- what should workers and
other anti-imperialist activists in the imperial countries do? Lay
their hands to rest, and wait for the colonial peoples to gather
enough military strength for a military defeat of the US army and air

  Or should they act, and try to imfluence the political relationship
of forces on a world scale? 

   The leadership of the imperialist nations, and the USA in
particular, know very well, that their use of military power serves
political purposes and has to be conducted by political
considerations, if their reconquest of the world is to come to a
successful conclusion. Brute force alone is not sufficient. 

   And they know from experience, be it the "Bring us home" movement
of US soldiers (in East Asia) in 1945/46 showed, and the movement
against the US aggression against Vietnam some decades later, that
they should better prevent any discussion on the purpose and
viability of the US occupation of Iraq in the military, and they know
that such cracks in the discipline of the military are being helped
by a general movement against that particular imperial effort, like
it happened during the Vietnam war. 

  The leadership of the imperialist military knows it apparently
better than you who brush aside their arguments ans "beside the
point", but avoid to quote again: 

> She said that "when the Iraqis see media coverage 
> of disgruntled Americans, publicly campaigning for 
> the return of our soldiers from Iraq, they are encouraged 
> and believe their strategy is working. They believe that 
> their continued attacks on American soldiers are having 
> the desired affect and are diminishing the resolve 
> of the American people to complete the task in Iraq."

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