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   where David M. Schnoes writes among other: 

> So if your government doesn't have troops in a country it's 
> OK to raise the more "radical" "sectarian" (the word most 
> favored by those defending BTTHN) "Troops Out!"   

   I'm completely at odds to understand the difference you are trying
to make between these two different formulations. 

   The practical effect, verifiable in material facts, of the
realisation of both different formulations of one and the same
demand, is that there would be no more US occupation troops in Iraq.
Your are not opposed to that goal, are you? 

   That is one of the prime qualities of an action slogan, that one
can verify its realisation in practice. 

   But maybe you have something different in mind than affecting the
course of history? 

   Lets read on: 

> But if you do have troops there, then we say BTTHN?  
> That's supposed to build international class consciousness?

> What they [workers in Nigeria] hear in BTTHN is not at all 
> what they hear with Troops Out, since BTTHN doesn't even 
> begin to address the issue of the cause of the invasion.

  And, a little bit further up: 

> The US movement's BTTHN is lacking in exactly that type of analysis,
> structure, class content, that "quickens" the transition from 
> slogan to program. 

   Ah, maybe the main goal is not to affect the reality of the US
occupation, but to bring education to the US working class? 

   And when the US workers are DMS-certified socialists, would they
then be allowed to pull the military forces of their imperialist
masters out of foreign lands, but not before passing that crucial
exam of their correct conscience? They should, please, not obstruct
the imperial designs out of selfish reasons of wanting to live and to
live together with their family (what a bad bourgeois concept! Down
with the family!), and to not be worried about killing other people
who could be their brother in law? 

> Troops Out No Occupation, No civil support to the military, 
> no military support to Halliburton, is the germination of 
> an international, class, position opposing those global 
> needs of US capitalism.

   Well, the real steps to class consciousness go over pracical
experience in real struggles. 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt/Main, Germany 

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