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Sun Aug 10 17:41:09 MDT 2003

> Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 13:16:45 -0400
> From: "Jose G. Perez" <jgperez at>
> Subject: RE: The world working class
> Richard Harris writes about the U.S. troops in Iraq:
> "Most lefts just say shoot them."
> My position EXACTLY -- but just for the brits.
> José
> ------------------------------

Yes ~ I say shoot the Brits in Iraq and in Belfast.

That is right.

There have been times when both were the correct demands on the streets in
England.  I made those demands.  I've been unemployed for years because of
such struggles.

But I have been quite clear in my posts that these are not organising
slogans now.  I suggested 'Troops Out' as it is a slogan from Ireland and
more edgy than slogans organised within the troops' families, such as BTTHN.
We have to be clear that we mean not from Iraq (because it has now got
dangerous) to Germany or to Guam.  It's got to be troops out.  i.e. you have
to start from explaining state imperialism.

But your words show you to be yet another fucking American Imperialist.
Because you do not truly oppose American imperialism.

I say Iraqis should shoot the invaders.  In England and the US we have to
defend the Iraqis' struggle.  There are many people in the UK, more in
Europe, who regard the war as an inexcusable aggression.  More that half the
population in most European countries.  Here, saying BTTHN would identify
you with the right, not even the left.  That is why I have asked Americans
to think about the slogan.  I made that request calmly and dispassionately.
But when imperialist scum like you personally attack me for being so
unappreciative of you beneficence, I say go fuck yourself.

If you can square what I have said about Europe and Iraq with using the
BTTHN slogan in the US, I'm open to listening.  That is all I asked.  But
people like you just stream into abuse of any lesser peoples who dare
question your imperialist left strategy.

I hate you arrogant American shits who just slime over the world.  You,
Jose, are the direct mirror image of the American Capitalists and of Bush.
You are the type Henry Liu used to write about (but don't shoot American
troops, there our boys, they are there by mistake, just wanted a job.  Yes I
know he just shot dead a family crossing a bridge and thinks all Iraquis are
gooks.  But he is a scared working class boy.  What is so terrible is that
all those things are true.  Tjat is wht=y we have to focus on ovethrowing
Capital.  And how are we going to do that with you, Jose?  How dare I ask
you to explain your American behaviour?)

How dare I ask you to think.  Oh, silly little me.  I'm only in England.

You are the complete scum of the working class movement, do you know that?
You do.  Other people have told you, I bet many a time.


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