A serious response to Richard

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Sun Aug 10 18:35:12 MDT 2003

Richard writes:

"Jose, as you are just unable to understand my simple point, I withdraw
debating with you and apologise for my recent sharp comments to you."

You're kidding right? You did get it, didn't you, that I was lampooning
your position rather than doing some serious criticism of it? If not, go
back and reread my posts.

The point, Richard, is that you erect this phantasmagorical theoretical
edifice around the choice of a couple of words that to 99% of everyone
sound like they're all saying exactly the same thing. Oh, and this
totally loony idea of raising "shoot the troops" as some kind of demand
or slogan. Don't the Iraqis have *enough* problems just now with people
from Britain and the U.S. telling them what to do without us adding to
the noise level?

Our demands are aimed at --or should be-- at "our own" government. The
role of the U.S. in the war/occupation of Iraq is so overwhelming that
in popular agitation, I don't see any problem at all with saying either
get the troops out or U.S. out or any number of other variants, without
also specifying Brits, too.

The idea that BTTHN is "chauvinist" because it places a greater value on
American lives than Iraqi lives is preposterous. Some ultraleft must
have had a cow thinking that one up. Because precisely what is being
demanded is that the U.S. stop using the troops to kill Iraqis. Doesn't
this appeal to the vulgar self-interest of people with relatives and
friends in the military? YES IT DOES. If calling on working people to
defend THEIR OWN interests AGAINST those of the ruling class constitutes
abandonment of Marxism, then I'm a renegade. But I don't think so.

The sort of argument that these troops are now murdering imperialist
jackboots and so on and so forth doesn't have even a smidgen of Marxism,
it is totally ALIEN to a CLASS line, it is petty-bourgeois pacifist
prattle of the purest water. The *very same* thing can be said of the
millions, nay tens of millions of OTHER workers who are involved in one
way or another --from those who make the guns and bullets, to those who
provide the electricity which powers the TV sets through which war
propaganda streams into American homes. It is entirely the *opposite* of
a *proletarian* military policy, which seeks to *win over* the soldiers,
along with the rest of the working class.

At any rate, Louis is quite right that this horse has been beaten to
death on this list.


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