harris' world working classless

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Sun Aug 10 18:41:15 MDT 2003

Then why don't you come and get me motherfucker? Because you're a  sterile,
puerile, sectarian hot air bag. Not to mention a coward that hides behind
the Atlantic Ocean to make personal attacks. Actually, you'd remind me of
the sectarian pieces of shit that assassinated Roque Dalton in the name of
"political purity," except you wouldn't have the guts to do anyone except
your little sister. And you DARE to call me imperialist? The whole tenor of
your messages, all of 'em, is an abdication from dealing with your own
imperialism, scumbag.

>Imperialism, the American Imperialist 'Left.'  You need shooting, just as
>much as YOUR troops in Iraq.  What do you say to Iraqi fighters, put up
>banners saying BTTHN?  You should say shoot the invaders.
>The world is very diverse and we need to connect up the movement.  Scum like
>you are worse than Bakunin was in the First International because you
>DELIBERATELY LIE and distort the argument. If the revolution comes, I will
>get you.

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