Antiwar *work*

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at
Sun Aug 10 19:57:04 MDT 2003

Some practical questions around antiwar stuff:

Does anyone know what is going on with unity negotiations between UfPJ
and ANSWER around October 25, etc.? Several weeks ago we all saw the
Leslie Cagan letter inviting different groups to a phone meeting, and
saying UfPJ was proposing a "week" of actions Oct. 4-13. There were also
memos from ANSWER inviting UfPJ to cosponsor, co-organize and everything
else the March on the Pentagon for October 25. I'm subscribed to several
UfPJ lists but have not seen any hint of a report on this.

What has happened? Did anything come of that? Has anyone heard anything
about the UfPJ week of actions in October?

>From where I sit, it seems like October 25 is, by default if nothing
else, the central organizing focus for the fall, the one everyone should
get behind. Am I missing something?


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