'Bring Us Home': GIs Flood US with War-weary Emails

Robin Maisel robinmaisel at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 10 23:31:13 MDT 2003

Robin Maisel wrote:

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>True enough, there was no internet, but there was what we call "snail
>mail" and telegraph, etc..  My point is that the lessons of yesterday
>may have some impact on our view of today's and tomorrow's tasks.
>Opposition to war among soldiers and their families and friends, even
>after "winning" the war has historical precedents and it might make some
>sense to try to figure out the "why" of that opposition.
>Following WW-II (which the US ruling class chalked up as a victory over
>their imperialist rivals in Germany and Japan, the government tried to
>use the GI's (particularly in the Pacific theater) to "assist" the
>French, Dutch, Portuguese and UK in regaining their "lost" colonies (and
>to take a big bite for the US imperialists by retaining  the Philippines
>and assorted other islands and possessions taken over from the Spanish
>50 years prior to the end of the war in a different inter imperialist
>squabble which also gave the US Cuba and Puerto Rico).  This was done in
>two ways.  One was the use of GI's to actually occupy those colonies
>(and the Philippines in particular) and the other was to make use of the
>transports which the GIs wanted to take to get home for ferrying the
>French, Dutch, Portuguese and UK troops back to their "lost" possessions.
>The reasons for GI discontent then were  very much like the reasons
>now.  The GIs didn't want to be occupiers.  They just wanted to pack up
>and go home.  Almost none of them had read Imperialism, the Highest
>Stage of Capitalism by V.I. Lenin (although some of the leadership had).
>but a goodly number had gone through the experience of building unions,
>unemployed leagues, etc. either themselves or through their relatives
>and friends.

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