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Daru Rateau darurateau at
Mon Aug 11 00:24:49 MDT 2003

My last word on this topic, too, promise. It seems to
me I have to see far more than I'm seeing for me to
think that 'BHTTN' from the left is something other
than just a pathetic attempt to compete with Raimondo
( ) and Buchanan for sound
bites. At best the only thing this is going to morph
into is a reinvigorated veterans' special interest
group movement. At worst, it means we are supposed to
throw our lot in with people like Raimondo and Pat

The dividing line really was: do you think the attack
on Afghanistan was somehow different (though I admit
there were some on the far libertarian right
and some right-wing populists who were skeptical
about Afghanistan, too). We on the 'looney' left knew
all along it wasn't (just as some of us predicted that Iraq was the major objective all along--all you had to do was read the official statements made in
both US political parties). People like some at the
Nation magazine and Doug Henwood didn't get it.

The political landscape and who holds the moral
highground NOW are quite clear. Socialist that I am,
I'd rather find common ground with Quakers and
pacifist Muslims than any of that other lot.


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