Peace, Land and Bread

Richard Lesnik rlesnik1 at
Mon Aug 11 08:40:18 MDT 2003

Frankly, it amazes me that anyone takes seriously the
various ultraleft criticisms of the withdrawal
"slogan" (actually, the more correct description would
be "demand" -- which would include various
formulations of the demand for US imperialism and its
allies to get out of Iraq).

Since many have referred back to Lenin and various
writings on ultraleftism, reformism and such, I
thought it might be useful to remember that the most
prominent demand(s) of the Bolshevik party during WWI
were: Peace, Land and Bread. Pretty tame by the
standards of those calling for demands like "shoot the
American soldiers," etc.

The demand for peace, and the fledgling soviet
republics' subsequent negotiation of a separate peace
with German imperialism in 1919 (which didn't, by the
way, annihilate anyone's army) were roundly criticized
by imperialist "allies" and ultralefts the world over.

Nevertheless, in the context of the time, these were
profoundly revolutionary actions.

Rich Lesnik

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