Reply to an Observer article by the Italian Refounded CP

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Aug 11 12:01:26 MDT 2003

Louis Proyect forwarded:

> I am commenting on selected passages from an article that can be read in
> its entirety at:
> > Reformist social democracy is no longer on the agenda
> > The anti-globalisation movement is the basis of a left alternative
> >
> > Fausto Bertinotti

What makes Bertnotti's Guardian open-ed even more odd is the fact that his
very PRC has just performed another electoral turn by re-joining again the
'reformist social democratic' electoral alliance.

For an account on that see:

I think Bertinotti's Guardian piece has to be seen within the framework of
yet another electoral manoveur. Next year there are going to be elections to
the European Parliament. Though the MPs are elected on a national basis, any
group beeing able to present itself as part of a broader European alliance
will profit.

On the left there are talks to put together the groups behind the European
Social Forum in an electoral alliance. The big players in this respect are
the British SWP, the French SWP and Bertinotti's Italian PRC. So it should
not be such a surprise that Bertinotti sounds likes an SWPer, when writing
for a British audience.


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