Another lynching

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Mon Aug 11 12:25:31 MDT 2003

There is growing evidence that the political climate created in the wake
of 9/11 has led to the re-emergence of lynchings in the South. Someone
else posted recently to the Marxism list the Militant article on the
lynching of a Mexican farm worker in Moultrie, Georgia. 

This article concerns the lynching of a Black man said to have been
dating a white woman in Belle Glade, Florida.

Below it is the article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the
Moultrie lynching, which hadn't been previously circulated.


August 18, 2003  
Black man may have 
been lynched, say 
Florida civil rights groups 
(front page)
MIAMI—Robert Doctor, director of the southern region of the U.S. Civil
Rights Commission, decided July 30 to launch an inquiry into the death
of Feraris “Ray” Golden. A 32-year-old Black man, Golden was found
hanged from a tree next to his grandmother’s house in Belle Glade,
Florida, on the morning of May 28. Doctor’s decision was prompted by
persistent statements by civil rights groups and some of Golden’s
relatives that he was lynched because he was dating the daughter of a
white cop. The federal inquiry was announced one day after a local
inquest judge ruled that Golden committed suicide. 

The Belle Glade NAACP has demanded an investigation into Golden’s death.
According to Associated Press and the Miami Herald, some in the town
said that Golden’s hands were tied behind his back when he was found,
which would be proof of a lynching. “When you get this kind of
allegation, a young man’s hands tied behind his back, you have to take
it seriously,” Doctor said. Police contend that a video camera attached
to a patrol car showed the man’s hands were dangling and not tied when
they found him. 

Full article here:

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[The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 7/17/03]
Police say man shot, then hung

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Investigators in South Georgia are looking into the death of a Hispanic
man found shot in the head and then hung from a tree with an electrical

Colquitt County Sheriff's Investigator Shannon Hart said the man was
found Sunday evening in woods behind a house on Deer Run Road in
Moultrie. Residents of the home found the man while checking on
livestock, he said.

The man's death was first reported as a suicide. Police had not
identified the man Wednesday night.

After an autopsy, investigators found the victim was shot through the
throat and the cheek with a small-caliber gun, and then hung from the
tree, Hart said.

Hart said they did not have a motive in the man's death. The man's death
marks the first homicide this year for the county, he said.

"We don't feel like at this time it's racially motivated," Hart said.

Moultrie is an agricultural community that's grown to be at least 25
percent Hispanic, said Colquitt County Commissioner Luke Strong.

He said Colquitt farms attract thousands of migrant workers every year
to work in the fields.

Betty C. Haggins, a member of the Colquitt County NAACP, said community
response to the death had been muted.

"It's been real quiet," Haggins said. "There hasn't been any
conversation" about the man's death.

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