Castro to attend Paraguay presidential inauguration

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Cuba's Castro to attend Paraguayan
presidential inauguration

BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Aug 10, 2003

Text of unattributed report: "Large Cuban security detail
arrives and 15 people are arrested", published by Paraguayan
newspaper ABC Color web site on 9 August

The Cubana de Aviacion plane landed at the Silvio Pettirossi
early yesterday morning with about 45 of Fidel Castro's
security agents. The arrival of the Cuban commander for the
inauguration of Nicanor Duarte Frutos was confirmed. In the
meantime, about 15 Cubans with problems with their visas
were arrested during a police raid on a midtown building.

Castro's security detail will be the largest. According to
experts, the Cuban government has the best presidential
security services due to the stance of political conflict
with the United States and the anti-Castroite movement
established in Miami.

According to reports, a special team of the Cuban
government's secret service arrived already to "test" the
field one week ago.

Part of the Cuban intelligence detail arrived later on at
the Guarani airport, located at 26 kilometre marker on Road
7, in Minga Guazu, but the Cubans hardly spoke to the
airport staff.

The scant information available, however, indicates that the
Cuban agents gathered data on the area, especially on
Itaipu. It seems that the Cuban leader will visit the
binational [hydroelectric plant] after attending Duarte
Frutos's inauguration on 15 August.

Concurrently with the presence of these Cuban presidential
security agents, 11 men and four women of that same
nationality were arrested yesterday by personnel of the
National Police's Crime Investigation Department for
violating Paraguay's immigration laws, after it was
confirmed that their visas to stay in the country had
expired. All of them were in building Aurora 1, Caballero,
between Mcal. Estigarribia and Eligio Ayala Streets.

The Cubans who overstayed their visa claimed they are in our
country as tourists and have no intentions of carrying out
any criminal activity. They also denied being part of a plan
of an attack on the live of the island Commander Castro

Some of those under arrest acknowledged being dissidents of
the communist regime headed by Castro since 1959 and of
trying to use our country as a bridge to emigrate to the
United States, the chief destination point of the
anti-Castroite opposition.

Under arrest

The people arrested by the police are: Maykel Ventura Meza,
Somalia Mariela Pena Lopez, Cipriano Ibrahim Vazquez Galera,
Ibrain Vazquez Martinez, Maria del Carmen Martinez Rima,
Rolando Torres Barrios, Luis Alberto Velazquez Ojeda,
Michael Arteles Sanin, Jesus Jerome Rios, Yurima Garcia
Echevarria, Randy Lorente Trujillo, Ernesto Moreno Lagos,
Maria Julia Lagos Aguada, Orlando Mario Guero, and Agustin
Dario Garcia Camazana.

Source: ABC Color web site, Asuncion, in Spanish 9 Aug 03

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