"Their promises are worth nothing"

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Tue Aug 12 01:17:44 MDT 2003

The Guardian reporting from Basra:

Basra: 'betrayed' and pushed to the brink
Jamie Wilson finds a city bristling as citizens accuse coalition of breaking
Tuesday August 12, 2003
Sabri Zugheyer, 45, a restaurant owner, who needed fuel for his generator so
that he could open up, said: "The British promised to make everything
better, but now it's worse. Even in the old days it was never as bad as
this. Their promises are worth nothing."
Kadhem Sagbhan, 29, a labourer, said he had thrown stones during the riots,
but next time there was trouble he would throw hand grenades at the
coalition forces. "They promised us there would be petrol today, but there
is nothing. The British, they are selling it to the Kuwaitis and taking $75
(£50) as their cut," he said [...]
Zakea Sagar, 51, was not out on the streets rioting at the weekend. The rest
of her family who share the three-room house in what the British soldiers
call the Shiite flats, an area of slums on the west of the city, was not
there either.
She welcomed the arrival of the British with open arms and still values
their presence. But she cannot disguise the disappointment at the fact that
her life, and the life of her family, is now worse.
Her two sons are now unemployed; her father has not received his pension
since before the war. No one collects the rubbish. Previously, the power was
switched on for three hours and then off for three hours. Now, she says, it
seems to be off most of the time.
"The British and Americans come here and promise us everything, but things
are worse now than under Saddam," said Adnan Abud, 45, a taxi driver who had
been queueing for fuel for more than six hours.


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