Jimmy Breslin on Ireland and Iraq

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 Limited War In Iraq Is Illusion
  By Jimmy Breslin
  News Day

  Sunday 10 August 2003

  George Harrison, age 88, sat in his Brooklyn apartment and recited
lines from Irish poet Patraic Pearse who, upon standing at the grave of
Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa, executed by the British, wrote these lines,
and Harrison wishes the Lord would make everyone in Washington read

  "The fools, the fools.

  They have left us our Feinian dead.

  While, where grass grows or water flows

  Ireland unfree will never be at peace."

  This was in 1916 and it has kept them going until now, when the
British finally are getting out.

  "The displaying of the bodies of Saddam's sons was unnecessary."
George says. "I heard Pearse as I watched our people show them off.
There are people of Iraq who have not come out of the mother's womb yet
who will come to ask questions of us 50 years from now. The women are
the worst. They will come and they will ask. We think it will all go
away. Time makes no difference."

  Harrison is an example. He was indicted for gun running to the IRA in
a famous trial in Brooklyn federal court a few years ago. At the outset,
the federal prosecutor told the jury, "George Harrison has been running
guns to Ireland for the last six months."

  At which point, Harrison squirmed in anger and had his attorney, Frank
Durkan, rise and announce:

  "My client is insulted by the prosecutor's statement of six months.
George Harrison has not been gun running for six months. He has been gun
running to Ireland for the last 25 or 30 years."

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