Where's "Home"? and Whose is it?

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Tue Aug 12 07:29:11 MDT 2003

At 8:33 PM -0700 8/11/03, Craven, Jim wrote:
>The generic "Home" to which this slogan refers is stolen lands and a
>source/system of genocide--extermination of the real "Homes" of
>Indigenous Peoples.

The "home" in "Send Us Home Now"/"Bring the Troops Home Now" isn't a
generic idea of "home," as in "Homeland Security," "The Land of the
Free, The Home of the Brave," etc.

Raised by rank and file soldiers, military families, activist
veterans, etc., the demand speaks, first of all, to the desire to be
reunited with loved ones at home in working-class communities --
including American-Indian communities groaning under high
unemployment rates -- from which the young men and women serving in
Iraq (and the rest of the world) are taken away.  You see, when they
come back home, they won't come back home to Greenwich, Connecticut
(notorious for its privatization of a public beach satirized by
Michael Moore in _TV Nation_) -- they will come back to modest
working-class homes in working-class communities, under siege by the
ruling class and power elite who destroy their jobs, cut their wages,
drop their benefits -- they will come back armed with knowledge and
experience of what it actually means to "serve" in the US military
and whom they are asked by their "superiors" to "serve."

Real and concrete homes are at odds with the generic "home" of
American nationalism and exceptionalism.  The demand "Send Us Home
Now"/"Bring the Troops Home Now" exposes a contradiction between them
-- defending the latter takes you away from the former -- and asks
Americans a question: Which Side Are You On?  On the side of the rich
and powerful who take the youth blood of our class away from our
communities to defend their occupation of Iraq?  Or on our side, the
side who want to bring our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters,
back home, to defend our class, our communities?

Barry Landeros-Thomas, an American Indian and veteran of the Gulf War
in Columbus, OH, now knows which side he is on, and he speaks up
against those who destroy real and concrete homes here and abroad in
the name of "Homeland Security."

* Bring Them Home Now! <http://www.bringthemhomenow.org/>
* Calendars of Events in Columbus:
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