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--- "Craven, Jim" <jcraven at clark.edu> wrote:

> Response: Jim C. Thanks Adam. By the way, were the aliens kind enough
> to
> leave a road map of how they managed to get to full-blown communism
> on their
> respective planets? Did they have to go through socialism? Was it
> socialism
> on one planet or were they inter-galacticists?

Oh, but they left word through Juan Posadas!

> And I thought Trotskyists characterized the former USSR as a
> "deformed
> worker's state" run by some fossilized "Stalinists". What was
> supposed to
> come out of this nuclear war other than a bunch of people glowing in
> the
> dark like swiss watches with the lucky ones being dead? Maybe they
> are
> operating as agents for the aliens, resistant to radiation poisoning,
> bent
> on an earth takeover after the big one?
> This makes Scientology look almost rational.

I think the idea was that through the mutual demise of capitalism and
Stalinism, socialism was supposed to "rise from the ashes" or some such
nonsense. Damfino. But hey--at least they didn't have their own
e-meter. :)

The Posadas tendency is why I always get a chuckle listening to
ortho-Trots denounce "Castro oppression of Trotskyists" in Cuba. I
think the only organized Trot presence in Cuba was the Posadas
tendency, who--and this is another claim to fame--wanted the Cuban
government to invade Guantanamo. I suppose this too was another attempt
to spark nuclear war.


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