RES: Important announcement; Now: What is this shit?

Renato Pompeu renatopompeu at
Tue Aug 12 18:58:22 MDT 2003

"Posadist" means "partisan of Posadas", an Argentinian Trotskyite that
believes there is advanced socialism in other planets.
Renato Pompeu
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Response Jim C:

First of all, and only out of curiosity, what does this term "Posadist"

Secondly, I take it until recently, this group was part of the "company"
this guy kept; should they be similarly "judged" for the company they
kept--until recently?

I don't know anything about any of this and I don't know who or what this
group is except that it appears to me that they are so full of
themselves--like ol Leon himself--there is probably not enough room left in
their post office box for them to have their regular meetings and hold
purges and faction fights.

So much of the so-called "left" in north america is just a fucking--and very
bad and cruel--joke. They do for serious socialism and revolution what Jaws
did for ocean bathing in my opinion.

Jim C

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