a little oil for thought

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Aug 13 07:18:51 MDT 2003


yea, i didn't get to talk w/ my buddy about extraction technology,
will make that the next topic when i NetMeeting him again. maybe we
can set up a three-way internet phone conversation, you just have to
promise to be on best behavior when we talk to him.

browsing last nite, i saw China is developing geochemical methods for
improving exploration and microbial techniques for improving
extraction, saw stats that say we recover only 1/3 of whats in
reservoir, etc. next chance i get, will post some more on exploration
and extraction problems.


can you make any sense out of this paper? its over my head


> The geologist always smiles, because he is sure he will find the oil .

i would amend that to "is sure he __can__ find the oil, if any is

les schaffer

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