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Hallo Les,

I still don't know what the problem is supposed to be with the effluent from
chip plants.

They certainly don't use arsenic.... and use highly-purified water as their
water input because of dangers of contamianting their production

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> Paddy:
> > Of course, for higher standards, research problems still remain -
> > but in essence the world problem is an economic one.
> which is -- coming full circle -- why i found the article on water use
> in chip making "scary". and why comrades' assertions that technology
> will {ultimately, simply, ...} solve our oil/energy/water problems
> strikes me more as a nice fairy tale, but one i myself once believed
> when i first went into engineering in college.
> i was hoping taht david schanoes would take his stats on the chip
> manufacturers and analyze for us the possibilities that the owners of
> these plants would do all the right things in terms of effluent water
> processing.
> les schaffer

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