SWP (US) Work in Britain

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 13 10:29:30 MDT 2003

Laura Kamienski wrote:
> Hi DOC,
> I share your admiration.
> As a supporter of the US SWP, I had the extraordinary opportunity to
> travel to London and work with these comrades about 8 years ago. It was
> most inspiring and educational. I was working in the freight docks here
> as part of an affirmative action hiring and had just been admitted to
> the union. While I was in Britain I was able to attend a union meeting
> and be involved in discussions about a rail workers strike and also a
> meeting in solidarity with Cuba.

Laura, do you have any idea why former members of the SWP who go to Cuba
without the party's permission are henceforth considered unpersons? I
understand that the SWP regards this as "revolutionary tourism" or some
such thing that is tantamount to giving money to Greenpeace or wearing
Birkenstocks, but it would appear to me that a visit to Cuba under any
circumstances would be good for the Cubans and also good for the people


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