Defense of the Iraqi resistance?

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# Subject: Re: Defense of the Iraqi resistance?
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   As to the slogan "End the occupation", I just wanted argue against
the idea that this might be a more "radical" demand than getting the
troops out of the country. 

   "Ending the occupation" is a more abstract concept, while the
physical removal of the occupation troops is a) the heart of the
matter, the litmus test, so to speak, of "ending the occupation", and
b) can be verified in practical terms. The US troops are either there
or not. 

   Think about the propaganda by the occupation forces that they are
NOT occupiers, but "liberators" and that they only help the Iraqi
people "rebuild" their country. If you want to believe war minister
Dr. Strangelove, er, Rumsfeld, there is no occupation. 

   So you can imagine, that the demand "End the occupation" needs a
lot of explanation before it can be discussed as such. You have to
convince people that there IS an occupation despite the assertions in
the ruling class propaganda to the contrary, before the issue as such
can be taken up. That the troops are in Iraq is a matter of fact,
nobody will deny it. 

   As to the "right to resist" of the Iraqi people -- I think that
the people in the military community (I include the families in this)
do not discuss if the Iraqis have a "right to resist". They just
accept the existance of an armed resistance as a matter of fact,
something which is just there. They also do not discuss if the
weather has the "right" to be so hot, or the rain to come down so
wet. One does just try to protect against the climate, or get out of

   And therefore they simply want their loved ones to get out of
harm's way, and demand the return of the troops right now. This is
certainly not the result of a thorough study of the world situation
based on the intake of 40 volumes Marx and Engels, 40 volumes of
Lenin, 20 Volumes of Hegel, numerous other books on concepts and
history and geography and such. 

   But is an urgent practical demand with immediate and very radical

   And it fits in with the worldwide resistance against
recolonization and for self determination. 

   That's why I am for it 100 percent: Bring the troops home NOW! 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt/Main, Germany 

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