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Wed Aug 13 16:24:31 MDT 2003

Michael Yates was interviewed today on our program Living Room -- the
archived audio can be found at -- on why Marxism has greater explanatory power
than neoclassical economics (see below). And although he was on NPR's Talk
of the Nation last week, we had booked him long before that!

Other currently archived shows that might interest people are programs on
the International Longshore and Warehouse Union's organization of
agricultural labor in Hawaii; Israeli scholar Baruch Kimmerling on Israel
and Ariel Sharon; Bertolt Brecht; Marx and Freud; the Jewish and
Palestinian editors of Between the Lines on what's wrong with the Left in
Israel and Palestine; Robin DG Kelley on his book Freedom Dreams; myths
about the decline of the family; limiting the work week; and much more.

Wed 8.13.03| Orthodox Economics vs. Marxism
Neoliberal prescriptions applied around the globe have left many
progressives skeptical of orthodox economic theory. And yet what
alternative theories exist? Labor economist Michael Yates argues that
Marxism provides us with a means of understanding our world, with all its
poverty and inequality, in a way that isn't abstracted from reality

Sasha Lilley
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