a turn in TV news coverage

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 13 16:51:29 MDT 2003

On ABC world news tonight, the lead story was about how the "arms dealer"
in the news yesterday was nothing of the sort. He was a failing textile
merchant who was convinced by US agents to buy missiles that didn't exist
and sell them to customers that did not exist. Reporter Brian Ross said
that if it were not for the participation of the FBI, nothing would have

Then, it gave a brief coverage of a press conference of Stan Goff's "Bring
them Home" group.

Then, it moved on to a longer story about how US injuries were being
under-reported in Iraq. Not only that, it described wounded men as "bitter"
and "demoralized" and quoted a spouse of a GI who had his arm amputated
after an RPG attack, who said that medical care was totally inadequate.

I strongly suspect that the tide is turning against continued intervention
in Iraq. Columbia professor Nick De Genova was right. It will take
something like another Mogadishu to stop the USA. He was tactless but correct.

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