SWP policy, as I recall it, on travel to Cuba

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 13 19:27:56 MDT 2003

Fred writes:

>I think there may well have been a sense that people who visit Cuba to
>find out more about a revolution and are not pursuing a immediate
>party-building agenda are "radical tourists," but I don't think that was
>ever said explicitly in my hearing.

>First of all, there are people who
>visited Cuba without party permission and were dropped as active
>supporters as a consequence who still retain very close relations with
>the party.

Without worrying about language (like "unpersons"), this borders on the
unbelievable (not that I don't believe it). What on EARTH could be wrong
with being "just" a "radical tourist" or wanting to learn more about the
Cuban revolution? And dropping someone from "active supporter" status
because of this? This is how they go about building their party? Well,
perhaps it's no surprise that their party is shrinking (at least, I assume
so, based on public activities; I have no "inner knowledge" whatsoever).

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