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Wed Aug 13 20:32:06 MDT 2003

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Dear Ed,

You inquired about finding a biography of Che. I know of no biography that
I would recommend but I do highly suggest that you read Che in his own
words. You will learn more about his ideas and what he fought for by
reading what he says, not what others say about him.

The largest publisher of Che's works in English and Spanish (outside Cuba)
is Pathfinder Press. You can find his books at

The shortest piece by him is "Socialism and Man in Cuba." I would start
with that. If you are interested in economics I would suggest reading
"Economics and Politics in the Transition to Socialism" by

Carlos Tablada. Che's writings and speeches on economics are not gathered
in any one place except this book. Che was more than a warrior. He thought
deeply about how to make the change for capitalism to socialism and acted
on those ideas. He studied the countries in Eastern Europe and decided that
they weren't socialist and could not model its economic and political
policies on them.
In solidarity,


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