Call for a National Labor Assembly for Peace and a comment

Robin Maisel robinmaisel at
Wed Aug 13 22:16:05 MDT 2003

Fred Feldman wrote:

Is the date correct?  It appears to be a year away in 2004!

>350 N Orleans St. Chicago, IL 60654 / 312-836-5000 U.S. Labor
>Against The War NATIONAL LABOR ASSEMBLY FOR PEACE 10/24-26, 2004
>For reservations call: 312-836-5000 Or 1-800-Holiday (465-4329)
>Identify yourself with the above group to get the group rate of
>$99.00 single or double plus tax of 14.9%. You must also give the
>group code of  " VUS "   in order to receive this special rate. All
>reservations must be received by October 3, 2003. Any reservation
>received after that date will be on an availability basis and at
>prevailing rates and not the discounted group rate. The Holiday Inn
>Mart Plaza is located just north of the Ohio exit off of I 94 in
>downtown Chicago and adjacent to the Chicago Merchandise Mart.
>Comment by Fred Feldman:
>This call by US Labor Against War has the potential to be a very
>important advance for the fight against theUS occupation of Iraq and
>other crimes of the US government at home and abroad.
>But it has one big flaw that can only damage its capacity to play that
>role.  It has been called for October 25 in Chicago, the day that a
>large national mobilization against the occupation has been called for
>in Washington, DC, by Act Now to Stop War and End Racism coalition
>(ANSWER) and others.  The call for this important conference comes
>weeks after the call for the October 25 action was issued and thus the
>conflict is conscious, if hopefully not deliberately divisive.
>Called for October 25, the conference will put many labor movement
>activists in the position of making an extremely painful choice
>between the vital national demonstration and the vital conference, a
>choice that can only be to the detriment of both.  I hope this
>conflict is being discussed and thought through among all concerned

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