Revolutionary Soccer Tournament Cup Bay Area 2003

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Revolutionary Soccer Tournament Cup
        Bay Area 2003

         GAME ONE
      Sun Aug 17, 6PM
   Kronstadt FC vs. Left Wing
Piedmint High School football field
      FREE admission.
     (Directions below)

         *  *  *

Come experience the spectacle as anarchist and communist warriors duke
it out over soccer in this long standing historic battle. The local
anarchist soccer team Kronstadt FC will be facing off with the local
communist soccer team, Left Wing, in a three game tournament beginning
August 17, over the course of four weeks in the bay area.

Ever since Marx expelled Bakunin and the anarchists from the First
International in 1872, the tension between the camps of anarchism and
communism has built up considerably, notably during the Bolshevik seize
of power in Russia in the early 1900's and the Spanish Civil War in the
1930's. These historical conflicts and philosophical incompatibilities
have persisted over the years and it remains to be seen whether it will
be resolved on the pitch during this tournament. Unlike the bitter
history that have come before them, however, both teams insist on
maintaining a spirit of fun while remaining competitive throughout the

Kronstadt FC will reveal their new black jerseys for the new season at
the opening game and vow to hold it down for west coast anarchist
soccer. Kronstadt's squad, of mixed genders, includes members of local
collectives such as AK Press, RACE, Bound Together, as well as a number
of players who were part of the Direct Action to Stop the War, the group
that helped organize anti-war actions that shut down San Francisco in
the wake of the United States' invasion of Iraq. In
keeping with its anarchist identity, the squad decides on positions and
startegies without a coach and fields players of all skill-levels.

Left Wing's squad, reported to be majority women of color, includes
ex-members of the now-defunct Maoist vanguardist group STORM as well as
members of the Freedom Uprising collective, a group of activists of
color who recently organized direct actions against the war. Left Wing
is expected to be wearing their red jersey sporting their mascot, Lenin.

The opening game will be the first time ever that the two sides meet on
a soccer pitch. Both teams have been using the Piedmont field for their
practices, so there won't be any home-field advantage for either side.
"Neither of the two teams are clear favorites to win the tournament,"
says a player from Kronstadt FC who spoke on anonymity. "While we don't
know enough about the other team and their mysterious communist ways, we
have to expect three very challenging games ahead of us. But knowing how
important the first game is in any tournament, we will be looking for a
positive result in the opener with Left Wing."

Tournament Schedule:

First game: Sunday, August 17th, 6PM at Piedmont High School football
field. FREE admission.
Second game: Sunday, August 31st. Time & Location To Be Announced
Third game: Sunday, September 14th. Time & Location To Be Announced

Directions to Piedmont High School field:

Piedmont High School's entrance is located at 800 Magnolia Avenue,
Piedmont, CA 94611. Due to the bourgeois neighborhood where the school
is located, please be advised of your anti-capitalist blood boiling as
you climb the hills of Piedmont toward the school which is bigger than
some universities and thus makes it hard to locate the actual field
which is on the other side of the school entrance.

One of many ways to get to the field:
 From the Grand Ave exit off of 580, drive down Grand Ave away from Lake
Merritt, toward the residential area past the Grand Lake theater. Make a
right onto Wildwood from Grand. At the first two instances where the
road splits, veer to the right which is Wildwood. At the five-way
intersection that follows, cross it while staying on the same road. You
will soon see a gigantic football field to your left below. Park
anywhere. Walk down steps toward the bleachers.

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