SWP policy, as I recall it, on travel to Cuba

Laura Kamienski tkd at kicks4women.com
Thu Aug 14 07:20:40 MDT 2003

I am encouraged to visit Cuba by all in the SWP that I have come in
contact with, am now...always have been, officially or unofficially
_and_ unequivocally...when I was a member, when I was an official active
supporter and when I'm not "officially" have no membership status. I
don't know any one who has been "dropped" as an active supporter. I do
know of members who were expelled...always for legitimate reasons. I am
presently not "formally" an active supporter but identify as such
anyway. I left due to personal obligations and burn out.

I support the turn to industry (no quotations required) as a sagacious
strategy without hesitation. Many comrades didn't support this strategy
and left the SWP. I believe that is an error on their part.

I don't spend time arguing about personal crap, or "he said she said",
hurt feelings or misperceptions. Discussion regarding strategy is one
thing, party bashing is another. There are much more important things to
do, and it can serve no good purpose, only destructive ones. One thing I
notice is that SWP members and the party don't spend time on these
lists. Perhaps another admiral quality about the SWP as I'm beginning to
think that it may not be worth it.

Frankly, this list is making me feel less confident about the left. But
I usually don't pay attention to "feelings" in these matters. I know
that the leadership of the proletarian revolution will be decided in
struggle, not by petty words, lies, misperceptions, inaccurate accounts
and insults on mailing lists.

I will stay, for some of the interesting analysis, and perhaps post
occasionally regarding strategy, but I will not be drawn into party
bashing or petty discussions. Interesting that this list claims to have
a goal of not being sectarian.

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