SWP policy, as I recall it, on travel to Cuba

Laura Kamienski tkd at kicks4women.com
Thu Aug 14 07:22:03 MDT 2003

Thank you Juan. Well said.


Juan Fajardo wrote:
> David Walters wrote:
> "What it means, if Fred is correct, is that "active supporters" have to
> get an OK to go to Cuba. Now, and this is for Laura Kamienski's benefit
> more than anyone else's, is that going to Cuba AS a party member has to
> be cleared by some body of the SWP."
> There are and always have been people around the SWP who have travelled
> to Cuba or Nicaragua while in college, as part of Global Exchange tours,
>  Veneceros Brigades, coffee brigades, or a number of other programs.
> Sympathisers and supporters of the party, however, are a different
> category from Active Supporters, who are part of the "movement" led by
> the party.  Active Supporters pay dues and participate in meetings and
> act in an organized manner to support and further the party's work, but
> at a level different from and under the direction of party members.
> As an active supporter one is not expected to carry out party directives
> --as one would of a member-- but one is expected not to act against them
> or against the party's interests.   Breaking the law by defying the
> US-imposed travel ban and embargo, while having organizational ties to
> the SWP, potentially puts the party at legal risk, and thus must be
> cleared by the party, just like joining a sit-in or blockading a
> building must be.
> - Juan Fajardo

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