DMS dmschanoes at
Thu Aug 14 04:55:00 MDT 2003


Yes, you are denying the statistical studies about cancer
rates in New Jersey, Louisiana,  West Virginia and Buffalo
(remember the Love Canal?) among people living  in proximity to
chemical concentrations.

There are also clinical studies about dioxin exposure and
not just the exposure of GIs to Agent Orange, since dioxin
was the weed killer of choice on the railroads for years.
Love that double whammy.

These substances have been around for years?  So has tobacco,
so what does that have to do with it?  As you said it's the
dose, the intensity, duration, and accumulation of exposure
that potentiates the damage to DNA. Ergo the banning of PCBs
in electrical transformers, asbestos as an insulator, etc. etc.

Is it possible that you have not read the official, not the
newspaper reports on frequency of birth defects among women
exposed to these substances?


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