The SWP, trips to Cuba, and socialist unity

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Jose G. Perez wrote:
> In addition to all the sorts of general reasons one might adduce, there
> is an additional and much more immediate reason. There are growing signs
> the SWP is now making a turn away from abstentionism, or probably from
> their point of view, that new opportunities for union and mass movement
> work have emerged that didn't exist before.

Vol. 67/No. 29           August 25, 2003

Socialist workers
focus work on
union building


SALK LAKE CITY—Socialist workers employed in coalfields across the 
United States met here August 2-3 to discuss how to carry through a 
major political reorientation of their work among miners. The meeting 
included socialist workers and Young Socialists working in mines 
organized by the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) and some working 
in nonunion mines.

“This meeting is to implement a radical change in the work of socialists 
in the UMWA,” explained Anna Guerrero in the opening report to the 
meeting. Guerrero is a coal miner in a nonunion mine in Arizona. “The 
work we do has to be centered on building the union and its 
transformation into a revolutionary instrument of the working class,” 
she said. “We have been focused on getting socialist newspapers and 
books into the hands of our co-workers and getting the necessary job 
skills, and we have retreated from our strategic trade-union orientation.”



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