SWP policy on Cuba

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 15 00:00:43 MDT 2003

Personally, I was glad that Elian
was rescued from those lunatic
rightist kidnappers and soon able
to return to his home in Cuba.

So Laura, if I may ask with
respect, why don't you belong
to this organization? For me,
departure was involuntary but
may I ask why you aren't in?


Walter Lippmann

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Weep? Hardly! I stand proud of this
meticulous and accurate analysis, as
it completely makes sense in context
of the existing relationship of forces
during that event. If I weep, it's out of
joy that such a class conscious
organization exists.


Walter Lippmann wrote:
> The key thing about Elian to recall is that the
> SWP stood in opposition to the rescue of
> Elian Gonzalez from the house where he had
> been kidnapped. That reactionary position is
> still the position of the SWP today. And the
> SWP upheld that position with an obstinate
> militancy which stunned even long-time and
> committed people. Read this and weep!
> http://www.themilitant.com/2000/6418/641801.html
> Walter

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