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Laura Kamienski tkd at
Thu Aug 14 12:08:56 MDT 2003

I believe that conscious subordination to strategic principle is
absolutely crucial for an effective revolutionary party and/or ANY
progressive movement.

Below is a link to a paper I recently wrote on the reactionary currents
in the feminist movement. I believe something similar, though not
congruent, is happening here.

A revolutionary party must be focused and function along a unified
strategic front. It seems that those who left the party, or were
expelled from it, feel that they have been "persecuted" against. I
disagree. I believe this is part of a larger reaction which is similar
to what is happening in the women's movement.

The party doesn't have "control over people's personal lives" as you
claim. Members of the party are committed communists whose personal
lives are _subordinated_ to the struggle and who ally with the analysis,
and strategy of the party. As I said I believe that conscious
subordination is critical. In the case of your specific example, if the
party has targeted a specific plant, and I, as a member, were part of
the democratic discussions that led to that decision I would happily
subordinate my life to focusing on that plant. Being a member of a
revolutionary party _requires_ this kind of discipline, dedication,
conscious subordination and principle if it hopes to succeed at its task
of building a revolutionary movement. Otherwise it becomes reduced to
inane arguments and infighting as is demonstrated on this list.

I appreciate hearing your views. I was a member of the SWP from 1985
through 1996, an active supporter from 1996 through 1999 and a
sympathizer since. I went through the turn and am familiar with all that
you describe though I don't share your perspective.


David Walters wrote:
> Laura, first, it's a pleasure you are on this list.  snip for brevity
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