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David McDonald wrote 14 August 2003 14:53:
> OK, I'm no expert on ancient lifespans, so I will cede that point. But if
> you look at the stats I gave the URL for (I got it by googling on "leading
> causes of death") you will see that cancer is the leading health cause of
> death (excludes accidents, suicides & homocides) from age 5 thru 25, year
> 2000 in the US. So there.

But compare that with the percentage in that age group who died of
infectious diseases in 2003 (ca 2%) - and the number who died of infectious
diseases in 1870
(ca 95%) and you have your answer...

Children just do not die of infectious diseases in the "advanced countries"
now; and not so many die EVEN with cancer.....   UK Infantile death rate 159
per 1,000 live births in 1837 (population 15 million); 5.8 per 1,000 live
births in 1997 (population 59 million).   So these events are now so rare
that clearly the parents believe "there must be something - or someone- to

But we lost our younger son age 11 in 1963, age 11, with asthma.  THAT would
not happen now, with all the advances in scientific ("chemical") medicine
(and agriculture)......

The trouble with statistics is that they need INTERPRETATION - with a sense
of history and reality.

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