SWP policy on Cuba

Laura Kamienski tkd at kicks4women.com
Thu Aug 14 12:33:04 MDT 2003

an added comment...ultimately, the best interest of all children depends
on the revolution, until after the withering away of the dictatorship of
the proletariat, then we can think about other matters. i sure look
forward to that though i know i won't be around to see it.


Laura Kamienski wrote:
> Nope didn't ignore it at all. A revolutionary party must first, foremost
> and always be interested in what is in the best interest of the class
> and the revolution.
> lk
> DMS wrote:
>> I sense a storm brewing about this and far be it from
>> me to pour oil on troubled waters, but  there really is
>> an issue that Jose and Walter address, at least paritally,
>> and the SWP, and Laura after it, ignores.  And that is simply
>> What was in the best interest of the child?  We are after
>> all dealing with a young boy who has seen his mother die
>> and is not being paraded in front of cameras like a prisoner of war.
>> So what was in the best interest of the child?  And if
>> the answer is "to be reunited with his father," then that's that, and
>> criticism of the US should center
>> on allowing the Miami group to take control of the child
>> in the first place.
>> dms

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