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Thanks for responding, Laura. Your sincerity in
answering the blunt questions from a bunch of
strangers is remarkable. Also, I joined the YSA
in 1962. Peter Camejo recruited me. I joined the
SWP in 1967 and remained until my expulsion in
1983. At the time of my expulsion I was giving a
$30 per week sustainer and had participated in
the plant-gate sales every single week of the

They were great years for which I have no
regrets whatsoever. Great years during which
I learned a great deal. I assume those good things
will be with me forever. I still read the Militant
every week. It's an important and often useful
part of my Cuba solidarity actitities.

While the SWP thought the rescue of Elian was
a violation of the democratic rights of the working
class, Fidel Castro described it differently and in
a way which never was mentioned in the pages
of The Militant. His assessment: "victory" and
I've highlighted the decisive paragraph below.

Were you aware of the views of the Cuban
revolution's leadership on Elian's rescue?

Best wishes,


Here's what Granma said then:

April 23, 2000

Victory is not complete in the case of Elián, warns Fidel

PRESIDENT  Fidel Castro warned last night, Saturday April 22, that
victory is still not complete in the case of Elián González, because
it's not clear what the counterrevolutionary Miami mafia is capable of
doing after losing the boy it had kidnapped.

Over 40,000 Cubans gathered in Jagüey Grande, Matanzas province, to
celebrate the 39th anniversary of the victory at the Bay of Pigs.

He made this statement during a speech in the town of Jagüey Grande,
Matanzas province, in a ceremony marking the 39th anniversary of the
defeat of the mercenary invasion at the Bay of Pigs.

.He added that the struggle will also continue against unjust laws
such as the Cuban Adjustment Act, the Helms-Burton Act, the Torricelli
Act and the United States' economic blockade against Cuba, which he
termed genocidal.

Fidel noted that U.S. President William Clinton had acted nobly in
this case, thus doing a service not only to the boy but also to the
United States itself. He also praised the efforts of U.S. Attorney
General Janet Reno and Immigration and Naturalization Service
Commissioner Doris Meissner, and recognized the role played
by U.S. public opinion.

The leader of the Revolution called April 22, the day Elián was
returned to his father, as truly critical and serious, because the
child's father, Juan Miguel González, would not accept any more delays
in achieving the reunion with his son, and had announced the decision
to travel to Miami with his wife and baby son to take charge of Elián.
That posed a potential danger for them, and the Miami mafia could have
created an impossible situation for the U.S. government.

Fidel stated that it was a day of truce between the United States and
Cuba, perhaps the only such day in the last 41 years.

Regarding the ruling of the Atlanta appeals court, the Cuban president
described the judges' words as unprecedented, when they stated that a
six-year-old child had the authority to request asylum on his own.
"What would become of the fathers in the Third World is that position
becomes generalized!" he warned.

As for the court's ruling that the child could not leave the United
States until the final decision regarding that alleged right to
request asylum is issued, he called it unnecessary, since Juan Miguel
had already said that he was willing to wait until the process is

"That prohibition was not needed," he said, adding that the ones who
were violating the law and defying U.S. authorities were the
kidnapping relatives, who had been blackmailing the government of the
most powerful nation in the world, with the support of the Miami
mafia, which considers itself immune.

Regarding the recent situation in Miami in the case of Elián, he said
that it was chaotic and that there was even an attempt to convince the
child to reject his father. There were psychologists and experts
working on him as if they were training a dog, he commented.

He expressed the hope that now no one would block the issuance of
visas for a group of children chosen to travel with their teachers and
a group of Cuban experts, to help in Elián's reinsertion into his
natural environment.


Fidel stated that the resolution against Cuba in the UN Human Rights
Commission in Geneva had encouraged the Miami mafia. There is a close
connection between this and the Elián case, he said.

He discussed the servile attitude toward the United States displayed
by the Czech Republic. "That hurt us, not because they were accusing
us without justification, which has happened many times over the last
41 years, but because it further incited the Miami mafia and
endangered Elián's life."

A large part of his speech was devoted to recalling incidents during
the April 1961 invasion by mercenary forces from the United States,
which tried to set up a beachhead in order to ask for help from the
Organization of American States (OAS) and U.S. military forces. He
praised the valor of the Cuban fighters, who in 68 consecutive hours
of fighting defeated the invading force.

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I live in central PA due to personal obligations.
It is a VERY difficult choice for me and one
I struggle with daily. After we moved here
I tried to maintain at large membership with the
Baltimore branch until it disbanded. I then tried
to relate to Philadelphia but it was too much and
burned out. I believe that the party must consist
of the most dedicated and committed revolutionaries.
Since I found it impossible to reconcile my personal
life with that commitment I was compelled to resign.

As I said, I'm not happy about it. Now there is a
branch in Hazleton, about an hour from me, and
I'm happy to say that I'm renewing my commitment.
I was so excited to learn about this branch!

ps rescued from lunatic kidnappers by lunatic
imperialists at the expense of the class...hmmmm....

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