SWP policy on Cuba

Laura Kamienski tkd at kicks4women.com
Thu Aug 14 13:12:52 MDT 2003

I find your remarks here to be patronizing and covertly insulting. They
add offer no strategic or critical analysis to the discussion. You may
criticize, without criticizing, all you like, you may refute, without
reasoning all you like. I suspect that a comedian making a parody of my
comments would go over well among the reactionary public whose views on
this seem to be much in line with yours. Generally speaking, when one is
stereotyped negatively in context of opposing capitalist politics one is
doing something right. ;-)

The greatest danger to a movement is not its opposition, but the effect
that opposition has on the movement. This list seems to be a good
example of that axiom. If this list is a reflection of the generalized
movement, we're in TROUBLE! I'm glad I'm here to witness this.


DMS wrote:
> Last comment from me on this:
> LK,
> Comrade, I would criticize your response about
> "ultimately" this and "ultimately" that.  I
> would refute your abstraction about "first priorities"
> of a revolutionary party... but it's not necessary.
> The remarks condemn themselves.
> If some comedian made those remarks and attributed them
> to a Marxist organization everyone would regard it as
> a parody.
> In the present case, sad to say, it's self parody.
> dms

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