SWP policy on Cuba

paul illich paul_illich at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 15 06:29:43 MDT 2003

RE: From: Laura Kamienski <tkd at kicks4women.com>
Subject: Re: SWP policy on Cuba

>I find your remarks here to be patronizing and covertly insulting. They add
>offer no strategic or critical analysis to the discussion. You may
>criticize, without criticizing, all you like, you may refute, without
>reasoning all you like. I suspect that a comedian making a parody of my
>comments would go over well among the reactionary public whose views on
>this seem to be much in line with yours.

If you didn't "know" this person was SWP, and were handed the above comment
and asked "what party is this person from", the tone of the note alone
to the minds eye a cohort of indoctrinated drones headed by a jesticulating
"Comrade" determinedly not letting anyone else get an opinion in edgewise,
and accusing all who do manage to and are slightly "critical" of being
and insulting".

No offense intended to ex-SWP listers, but, Laura, these remarks are not
meant to be at all covert.


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