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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Aug 16 10:17:45 MDT 2003

Fred Feldman wrote:
>Well, I agree with Louis that, under present circumstances, it is a
>good thing that Laura K left the list for now.  She is insufficiently
>trained, it appears, as a high-powered political-literary performer to
>effectively counter political and personal attacks (and there were
>quite a few of the latter, direct and indirect). In addition, while
>the list has been making progress in many ways, we are  not yet ready
>for a fully reasoned discussion of the politics of the SWP, including
>its organizational politics. Frankly, many of us still think of the
>SWP not as a political current to be assessed politically, but as the
>graveyard of our youth.

That's not quite true. I have written extensively on the SWP and would
recommend the following archived articles:

1. "Lenin in Context":,
look for the section on Trotskyism.

2. "The Comintern and German Communism":,
look for the final section which deals with Cannon-Dunne versus Lore.

3. "The Speech that Jack Barnes Should Have Made":

4. "A Book Party for Wald-LeBlanc's Book on American Trotskyism"

5. "Reply to Paul LeBlanc on  his comments on my review":

5. "The Cochranite Legacy":

6. "Reflections on Bert Cochran":

7. "Conference on American Trotskyism":

8. "Felix Morrow":

There are also posts on the old manual archives that take up this topic
with interesting input from Jose, Ken Lawrence (a CLR James influenced
activist) and the late Sol Dollinger:

Jose has also written many interesting posts that he needs to organize and
put up in his own website when he finds the time. (Hint-hint!)

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