Blackouts and Knockouts

DMS dmschanoes at
Sat Aug 16 13:09:06 MDT 2003

For the record, it was all my fault, and Les and Richard
Harris are soon-to-be-indicted co-conspirators:

The last message I sent, offlist, was to comrade Harris
re: Elian...

And I wrote something like--  "Man, I'm steamed [re Elian]! It's going to be one nasty rush hour for anyone who decides to
screw around in GCT this PM."

And then the lights went out, and all the emergency generators, except for GCT's kicked on.

I know my standards are a little extreme, but I don't think
Laura was bashed at all.  She was confronted and challenged
and called on her abstract presentations of the ultimate
good, and first priorities, which are idelogoical justifications
that any and all can and have used to justify any and

And that's not bashing.  Referring to a "party" when none
exists is reality bashing.

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