Black Out: Personal Admiration

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Sat Aug 16 19:18:20 MDT 2003

I spent a good deal of time watching on television the black out crisis in
its various settings.  My admiration for the grassroots people involved is
considerable.  I have, myself, been in some very heavy situations over many
years. [I was, BTW, teaching at Goddard College in late '65 when that
massive breakdown occurred but our situation, way up in the Vermont
mountains, was not the same.  We had, routinely, Coleman Lanterns, wood
stoves, other equipment, and food and water supplies simply because of the
harsh, conventional winter.

I know enough -- practically and otherwise -- about urban sociology to be
well aware of what could well have happened had the innards of even some of
humanity gone in other directions,  But that did not, of course, occur.

Much will be written about this but I suspect it may be  difficult to fully
capture it in prose,  The Grand Canyon has never been captured in oils -- or
photo,  But one can get chunks -- and the essence.

For my part, I will look East, with admiration,

Warmly -

Hunter Gray  [Hunterbear]
 Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
and Ohkwari'

In our Gray Hole, the ghosts often dance in the junipers and sage, on the
game trails, in the tributary canyons with the thick red maples, and on the
high windy ridges -- and they dance from within the very essence of our own
inner being. They do this especially when the bright night moon shines down
on the clean white snow that covers the valley and its surroundings.  Then
it is as bright as day -- but in an always soft and mysterious and
remembering way. [Hunterbear]

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