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Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sat Aug 16 21:19:08 MDT 2003

I still follow Marxmail because it is informative and intellectually
stimulating. There are times when I simply am "full" with ancient
propositions and ideology. For the record I was a founding member of
the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.  Founding member of the
Equal Rights Congress, former editor of the Southern Advocate (was
based in Atlanta), founding member and Old Executive Board member of
the American Writers Congress in the early 1980s; founding member and
Executive Board member of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionist
(Detroit); founding member of the Communist League; founding member of
the Communist Labor Party and former Committeeman of the Machining
Division of Mound Road Engine Local 51 UAW.

September 28, I turn 51 years old, having retired from the Chrysler
Group October 2001 - having taken the thirty years and out option.
Mr. Nelson Peery - an authentic iconoclast, was born in 1928 and we
are not blood related. As I understand matters he still resides in
Chicago. Currently I am working on a dictionary of Marxist terms.


Melvin P.

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