power lines in the trees--an Ohio response

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Aug 17 12:07:47 MDT 2003

The blackout has been traced to three transmission lines in Ohio.
Authorities are fairly certain that one of these three lines triggered
the shutdown when it came into contact with a tree growing in this, the
most Bushy of all states.

A state economist whose annual downsizing of maintenance crews is said
to have defended Ohio's goals of getting government regulation off the
backs of the poor utilities.  "God bless America.  If consumers hadn't
made the choice to use electricity, they wouldn't miss the power now.
God bless America.  It is not our purpose to empower anyone, save what
the market will bear and the power lines will carry. God bless America."

An officer of the local Right to Leaf organization is said to have added
that any blackout part of a divine plan and denounced any secular
humanist conspiracy to second-guess the deity.

A university spokesman made no comment, maintaining its standing
neutrality on anything to do with the enlightenment.

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