Re.: The Serpent's Egg

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sun Aug 17 23:11:23 MDT 2003

I sympathize, Jurriaan.  I have come to believe that for Marxists
relations between the sexes should be with Marxists as well.  It's a
whole 'nother level, and you can't expect non-Marxists to understand.
Then again, relationships grow and people grow in them.  I shouldn't
over-generalize where there are so many variables as in love...

But, in a pertinent aside:
Do you know of the Marxist author, and teacher, Edward Upward?  He wrote
Journey to the Border, a fascinating portrait of the development of
revolutionary politics in a young man in the Thirties, and how his
affairs des coueres foundered upon the enticing shoales of roast beef
and apple pie of bourgeois sexual competition versus the intellectual,
the artist, the revolutionary, the poet.

Described thusly:
"Edward Upward's acclaimed and partly autobiographical novel was
originally published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press
in 1938. It relates the growing disillusionment of a
politically-committed tutor who is attached to the household of a
philistine and reactionary country gentleman. His revulsion at the
behaviour of his employers and their friends leads him to the brink of
madness, from which he is saved only by his resolve to contribute to the
movement for social revolution."

It is a period peice, but there are elements of the transcendent that
save it as art.

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