'Stars and Stripes" covers Bring Troops Home Now protest

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> >>Why on earth do we want to support the troops?
> Fred isn't saying he supports the troops, he's quoting 
> a story about army families. 

  and the important fact is that this is carried in STARS AND
STRIPES. I'm astonished that this fact is not noted in this

  "Stars and Stripes" is the newspaper published by the US military
for US solders worldwide. 

   I guess that is the only US-american newspaper read regularly by
US soldiers and their families stationed here in Germany. 

   So when THAT paper is publishing this story with all those quotes
from the speakers at the news conference, then this can have
worldwide repercussions (under conditions that the story is printed
in all editions of Stars and Stripes; they print locally (Stars and
Stripes was had a big printshop here in Frankfurt, but that moved, I
believe, to Darmstadt, were also the buyers for the bookshop are
sitting and buying e.g. books by Malcolm X and other good books)). 

  So you can really say for all readers of "Stars and Stripes": 

> For them to get this far is a huge step forward, even though
> their consciousness is still contradictory.

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