Laura's departure--ga-ga

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Eli wrote, "Talk about straw men! NO ONE claimed that Laura was expelled,
excluded, or that anyone advocated doing so. What IS claimed is that she
(and the SWP) were 'bashed' and she was, in effect, driven off the list."

Since I never said that anyone made either claim, so I can't own up to any
patrimony over these rapidly breeding straw men. There was also nothing
particularly malicious in my thinking that someone "driven off the list" is
also "excluded."

Mark L.

Response (Jim C): When someone comes on this list, and while relatively new
to it, makes claims about the nature of the whole list and those on it on
the basis of disagreements with a few on the list, they will invariably be
called on such presumptuousness. If they decide to walk instead of retort,
that is what they have done--walked. They weren't forced off or "excluded".

It is sort of like folks training in all sorts of martial arts but have
never been in a real street fight and have never tasted their own blood when
the opponent, unlike a punching bag, hits back. Sometimes when they get into
the real thing they find out it ain't like doing "katas" in the ol gym.

It is not about patrimony or patriarchy; that is paternalism. It is about
being responsible for positions specious generalizations being summarily and
arrogantly advanced and that applies to women as well as men.

Jim C.

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