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John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Mon Aug 18 12:36:14 MDT 2003

I'm not fan of Peter's explicit minimum platform for
this election except for the one point that is clearly
made by him running as the GP candidate: break with
the Democrats.

Camejo is at 6-7% in all polls now.  Bustamante
(Democrat) is at 25% - Arnold at 22%. Arianna
Huffington at 8% ...the persistence of the 6% for
Camejo at this point is very important and should not
be dismissed out of hand.

Also, take a look at the elections in San Francisco
where a broad left Green, Matt Gonzalez is considered
a competitive candidate against all Democratic Party
candidates in the city.  If he wins, the GP will have
the first major victory in a major City in the US.

That will send ripple effects throughout the country
and if coupled wiht a 6-8% for Camejo statewide,
well... people will start getting used not to be
hooked in that prison-party of progressive and elft
movements: the Democratic Party.

In any country not obsessed with the "winner take all"
and the anxiety to "be Nr. 1" those results will
indicate the presence of a sizable movement towards
independent politics...  Be critical, but on the side
of being critically supportive of such a movement...

Left activists, labor activists, etc have a role to
play to provide an stronger spine to the GP. 
Hopefully they would.

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